poplar Christmas tree wall hanging

Regular price $135.00

8 x 6 x 1/2"

Andy made these beautiful little Christmas trees. They come with a saw-tooth wall hanger on the back. They could also rest on a shelf or even hang on your Christmas tree as an oversized ornament. 

The tree itself is poplar. The ornaments on the poplar tree are made of holly, locust, cherry, yellow heart, mahogany, and elm. All the colors are natural. We use primarily local northeast Ohio hardwood but Andy has been woodworking for 20 years. We definitely have bits of exotic woods like yellow heart around the shop that make it into projects from time to time. 

This would make a perfect gift for the Christmas lover in your life. 

They are signed "Merry Christmas 2020" with Andy's initials, WASII.

There are three trees available. Price is per tree.