HUGE 18" curly cherry salad bowl

Regular price $500.00

18 1/4" x 16 1/4" x 7"

This is an enormous, gorgeous curly cherry salad bowl made by Andy. I took a million pictures trying to capture the beauty of this bowl. The wood is from a fallen cherry tree from Novelty, OH.

Andy turns bowls, symmetrically, with green, wet wood. When the wood dries it moves. In the case of this bowl, you can see from the measurements, the dimensions changed a whole two inches making it an oval instead of a circle.

This wood is a rare find. I have lived with Andy over seven years and this is the first time he's turning cherry, let alone curly cherry. When this wood runs out we won't come across it again for sometime. 

Andy signed this bowl, William A. Stenson II, 2021