12" curly cherry salad bowl

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12 1/4” x 11 1/2” x 2 11/16”

Andy turns the bowls from green (wet) wood. The beauty of doing this is that when the wood air dries it moves into a more organic, often asymmetrical shape. The wood goes where it needs to go. I personally love seeing this happen. 

All the cherry bowls posted are made from a fallen cherry tree that a friends told us about. It is a treasure of a tree because the wood is curly. “Curly” wood has a beautiful iridescence. I’m not sure if my pictures do it justice. 

I would say this is a 2-4-ish person size salad bowl. Which is to say, we consider this on the smaller side. Please consider the measurements above. Andy signs the bowls, William A. Stenson II.